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Saturday Boxer #161 happens on July 1st for Canadian Independence Day. Kiss My Maple Leaf drapes Canadian flag and paints red maple leaves on his faces for a celebration. 3 hares Dry Hole, Filthy Habits and Algae Bra organize about 30 hashers to re-hash one of favorite Boxer place Huanghuacheng. Congrats on Just Xiaozhao attains his Hash Handle known as Oracle Boner. Breakfast Included is stung by wasp in a flowered wilderness and what have you.

Saturday night, Subtrainian rock and roll showcase led by such the hasher artists as BlowJob, Santorum Cocktail, Just Micah, Blister Fister, etc in Ghost street and playing some filming episode.

Sunday afternoon late, a torrid day, nearly 30 sweaty hashers circle up under a viaduct nearby southern third ring road moderated by GM Blister Fister and RA Heart On. A carton of sponsored cold beer Taste Room and 4 cases of ice-cold Yanjing beer. 2 virgins are welcome. 3 hares Dunking Dog Nuts, St. Knickerless and Crash Test Dummy are called out to drink together. Phantom stands out to announce him and Taxi Ride Her and Phantom Menace’s FOYW run all on a sudden and hands out a bag of T-shirts to hashers as souvenir. Meanwhile he fetches out a bottle of Jack Daniels to share the hashers. The baffling sense hits the face of each hasher. Super Squirter constantly wipes away her tears on her cheeks. A bunch of hashers come out to give Phantom an affectionate hug. Feeling the time to be flying faster in the hashing because it’s the good time. It’s the very hashers like Phantom and Taxi Ride Her that we stay together all the time in the past. This is profound sentiments of friendship in belting out situational Hash songs one by one. The onlookers snap lots of pictures for the hashers. Smells Fishy replaces Karate to bring in a team of virgins before and behind. Shanghai Man like Titan guzzles 2 bottles of beer at a time. Drill Me leaves in advance. Just Micah is hailed for his naming by RA HO in spasm of mirth. He’s down on his knees in the circle and just wears an underpants and looks up the sky with stretching his arms to embrace a baptism by beerstorm from the hashers on his body for his Hash Handle called Chewancca. Phantom steps in for his last well-rounded Haka in BJH3 with hashers. A chorus of Swing Low calms down all hashers for inner peace. In the end, all hashers pose a fantastic group photo by Master Photographer Cockarazzi. The half eat local food.

The trail is quite strange and hashing style. When running into a hutong, an expanse of rubble wasteland. The pacesetters explore ahead like Slappy Seconds, Pickle Boy, Principal Penetration, Barbara Bush, Tantantalizer, Algae Bra, Terracotta Whorrier, etc. Sometimes Danger Zone leads the way. But 3 puppies rush out to bark at her ferociously and stop her. Crossing a street into a yard for the first beer stop. The frigid beer pleases hashers. A group of walkers arrive too, such as Bjorn Again, Breakfast Included, Lost in Marks & Spencer, XXX who’s visiting as Hangzhou Hash GM, Prelube, etc. Beer Wolf catches up as latecomer. The crisscross hutongs then hitch hashers for the next trail. Every few hundreds meters distance, there is a fetid upheaped trash dump and local seniors sit around a small table to play poker leisurely and carefree. Unwittingly the second beer stop next to road fuels hashers with gelid beer for 10 minutes. Moving forward to pass through diverse lanes and streets to meet the third beer stop in surprise. Talk and sip last 10 minutes and going on the trail through maze-like flee market, then looping back to restaurant. Just Leon holds a bottle of beer to lush as a shortcutter.

Tuesday night on July 4 at XL bar, 50+ hashers and demes one after another come to see off Phantom and Taxi Ride Her as FOYW party. Dazed & Confused hares a random and shortest Full Moon hashing around XL bar compound. The circle as usual takes place by GM Blister Fister and RA Heart On. TRH wins her #150 mug and patch. A chorus of Swing Low narrows the space and time of hashers. In the meanwhile, celebrating American Independence Day as well. This well-beloved hasher family leave BJH3 sweet recollection. But the world to us is that all we got to know is we don’t know!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Wednesday,
July 05, 2017