Type 1 diabetes ― the immune system mistakenly recognizes certain proteins in beta cells as foreign invaders and wages a war against them. Once the beta cells have been killed, the pancreas produces little or no insulin, the hormone that regulates how the body absorbs sugar from the blood to use for energy. As a result, patients need to follow lifelong treatments such as insulin injections. By injecting a protein called GAD from the beta cells into the patients’ lymph nodes near the groin. Lymph nodes contain many immune cells, and the idea behind the treatment is that exposing the body’s immune cells to larger amounts of GAD than they normally encounter will cause the immune cells to become more tolerant of GAD, and halt their attack on it.

Approx 20 hashers headed to suburban Chongli Ski for a 2 days of weekend Boxer Hash. Glided with a future-proof for purity in a white-gleamed snowpack. Just Ann was gritty to embrace her Hash Handle known as Urine Control with wrapping up a layer of thick flour from blessing of hashers. The remaining 12 hashers in downtown organized by volunteer promoter Crash Test Dummy continue to proceed Sunday Hash at Paddy’s. On-Sec Undulator serves for GM and Super-Sub Lost in Marks & Spencer performs RA at the start point. And then both of them run off to mark the trail with flour. 10 mins later, 3 runners Santorum Cocktale, No Shit Sherlock and Pickle Boy chase these 2 hares into a familiar alleyways. Shortly catching up with these 2 hares on a silver platter who are sticking around a residential zone with confounding factor. SC proposes the runners first circuit a large block to come back to follow the marks. 10 mins later the runners are catching the hare LiM&S again confusing the trail to the first beer stop set by promoter CTD that’s quite new rule. 4 runners have to pause for Hash Hold at the closed entrance of a school. The gatekeeper incomprehensibly asks the hashers to scrub off the flour signs. The runners seek help in Hash Group in WeChat to pin a location for the beer stop. After scurrying for 15 mins to south, SC shows his sagging short pants, hitting the first beer stop at a shop next to main road. Damage Goods and Transylvestite as latecomers spring out respectively. NSS buys tasty peanuts to treat hashers. The walkers and runners gather to drink and talk that seems to play into the hands of prospective cohort study in one’s own right. SC and Creamy Lips nip off for the second haring. The spring and clear weather pleases the hashers.

The Two-Way flour mark is open to question to be a long branch and turning right to Sanlitun bar street. The Open Check sign at the bustling Sanlitun bar crossing vets the hashers how to outmaneuver the crowded multi-direction with hashing spirit. Elbowing way through Sanlitun area into a lengthy lane and on left thru another lane. At the end, catching the hare CL muddling up the direction for waiting her cohare. And then reveals the second beer stop being set at Pretty Woman’s sausage shop. The runners hurry to rush to there via the hustling Sanlitun core zone. The walkers and runners get together anew. Nut Pirate as latecomer appears. Bjorn Again takes out an aromatic facial oil to clean pimples on his face. Shaven Not Stirred shops sausage hotdog. All hashers are clicked group picture. Everyone knows the trail to return to Paddy’s and without hare picking the trail on one’s own at full stretch. When all get back, somehow the strong wind on the move oils the wheel to roll out the coldness. The celebration circle has to be sited behind Paddy’s for a leeward place. SNS dodges the chill under the roof. Undulator and LiM&S co-host a programmed show. No virgins but latecomers to drink together. The hares are yelled out to punish-award for drinks. LiM&S is impassioned to sing out Hash songs. As with all passions and sensations, LiM&S leads the 3 distinct choruses of Swing Low to drop the curtain. The circled hashers just consume 3 bottles of beer and then stay at Paddy’s for a little while. Hashers have a sabbath day afresh.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
February 21, 2017