Organisms might be quantum machines

As a party is announcing to set up a special fund for determining to win a “annihilation” of haze, AQI is haunting around 250 PM outdoors and Hashers party. Hearkening to! “Beijing, Beijing, what a wonderful place to hash, We have great fun dodging the shit and trash. Our skies are never clear, But we have cheaper beer…” Hash song makes the welkin ring by more than 50 hashers for 4 virgins in a green pageant circle ritual next to Paddy’s although the haze scared away many hashers intending to join the yearly St. Patrick Day. It seems to celebrate victims are still alive after hashing on a hazy trail for 1.5 hours or so.

GM Blister Fister and RA Six Kuai Short in turn officiates at hashing agenda. 4 hares are jubilated out to swill down, such as Phantom, Bjorn Again, RoadKill and Don’t Ass Don’t Tell. Principal Penetration obtains #10 running patch and Prelubed scores #50 running patch and mug with her Hash name. Some visitors as previous hashers like Fire In The Hole and Powder Puff, especially former BJH3 GM Life Of Pee bursting upon and bringing in a big bag of gifts like before, a bible to SKS, a bottle of whiskey to Lost in Marks & Spencer, etc. Hash Flashes Ass Tonguer and Wandering Tongue take photos respectively. Pretty Woman squeezes in and is sprayed by beer from mouths of hashers blithely. Pedalphile corrects GM’s pronunciation. Dry Hole quits the smoggy hashing but functions as Song Master teaming up with Agent Orgy as SongStress to intone zippy nitty-gritty . Some members from Beijing Celtic Football Club as well attend the hashing circle for fun. Between the lights, Just Ollie as latest comer for circle strips down to an underpants and flours his body to kneel down to accept Prickly Heat as his Hash Handle by the power of RA SKS after rounds of nominations, surrounding with a sudden screech of laughter. Nearly 20 hashers eat local food.

Phantom’s grizzle hair is dotted with green; DH wears an explosive style green wig and green outsize glasses; Pussy Nibble dresses a pair of galaxy pants that resembles that she’s travelling through space; Santorum Cocktail’s long hair is dyed full green adorning with a brown cowboy hat and a pair of green Harley glasses looking like a cowboy prince; BlowJob puts on his heavy motor multifunctional cowhide jacket matching up with his yinyang punk hairdo to be a space rocker; Stoned Age rolls on a green crocodile overcoat with a serrated tail; Shaven Not Stirred and Sweet & Furry each shapes their bodies into green skintights; Taxi Ride Her is pained a tiny pint of green beer on her right cheek; Phantom Menace doles a bag of animal-shaped cookies to hashers; Double Hash Cash Danger Zone and Shanghai Man are busy collecting cash dutifully; Dazed & Confused sprays a green hashing mark on the back of Charlie; Finger My Dough peddles Haberdashery to hashers; Rambo No.5 limps around with a metal crutch, and so on. Hashers have a tad social outside Paddy’s before starting to hash. RA SKS blesses the trail in front of 4 hares on their knees.

Special thanks Phantom and MargariCunt as the manager of Paddy’s for providing 2 cartons of Irish Guinness to treat hashers.

Many wear mask like Breakfast Included, What The Fluff, etc. Making short work of the trail along the canal, laneways, 3rd ring road, Sanlitun bar area until looping back to Paddy’s. There are 5 familiar beer stops for runners, at the end, only less than 10 runners. Indeed this haze causes short of breath. Crash Test Dummy gallivants with Just Elisa at the back. At the 2nd beer stop ChickenShit and No Shit Sherlock turn up as latecomer. And small group of runners have to follow the hare RK to his apartment as the 3rd beer stop to drink local black beer without mark. Pickle Boy and a virgin run ahead without mark and directly hit Paddy’s, nevertheless missing the 5th beer stop at old Andy Sausage shop. More walkers totter all the way like Red Snatcher, Hot Cockalate, DickMocracy, Super Squirter, Creamy Lips, Lick It To Ride, Hard To Live With, Pekinsky Bikinsky, All In, Just Tony, etc, in Sanlitun bar streets, beating up snakes who got covered by smog and public confusion to commit 7 sins amongst the growing folks. It symbolizes a Gethsemane. Hopefully this green Hash event is an eye-opener to the locals who are pegging away at the fullblooded life, on the ragged edge of independence, though.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
March 21, 2017