Keeping the heart of awe is the essential way to prevent human beings from making the fatal mistakes. There must be inevitability in chance. Here is a tribute to the great cosmological mentor Mr., Steven Hawking – R.I.P.

It’s snowswept seldom or never in a spring after a snowless winter in Beijing, in respect that the folks cannot forget to celebrate the saint Patrick, more realistically, when the pathfinders are going through suffering with lack of an upgraded ruling system, the positive religion still makes sense. Over 50 hashers launch a green grand hashing ritual by 4 hares Bearded Clam, Blow Harder, Cum In My Brum and Principal Penetration under the aegis of GM Shanghai Man RA Slappy Seconds. A large group of walkers and a large group of runners nearby the Paddy’s head for the two different directions for chasing the rainbow. The great majority know the hashers’ way around. Embassy area, canal bank and peculiar streets. Along the way the hashers being joyful and chirring. Now and then Just Krista yells a way out from the checking mark. Dr.Jekyll Spank My Hide springs up after her 4 years of absence and recollects numerous sweet memories . Dry Hole, ChickenShit and virgins actively explore the trail. North-bound march cuts through a string of the crossings and on left to meet up the first beer stop.

The snow is gone. Molotv Cock and Cock Chain arrive faster. The hare PP orders beer and cracks bottles of beer for hashers. The runners and walkers flock together to drink and talk, such as Minaj A Trois, Rambo Number Five, Flying Mum, Graphic Explorer, John The Baptist, Breakfast Included, Red Snatcher, Karate, Not Tonight, No Shit Sherlock, Heart On, Oracle Boner, such and such. Danger Zone has been working on Hash Cash to the best of her heart. As setting out for the trail, the walkers and runners separate directions afresh. Chewannca only darts straight forth and back and lost the way to join the walking group. Pickle Boy and Crash Test Dummy seek for the other trail and lost the way, and remaining at the tail of the runners. And then somewhere also got lost each other. The instinct with the four-leaf clover works out to reach the second beer stop through diverse residential quarters. The green and white signs that the hare remarked lead the way. The tip: as losing the way, must go back to find the last mark and check others again. Soonish the hashers hit the road respectively. The streets, avenues, intersections and roads everything is as beautiful as it seems to be accidental, but something takes command of the trail, of necessity, the fellows get ahold of the fellows one another, no languish in the “prison”.

While the circled celebration starts on, there are always a few hashers leaving early like Triple X-Ray and otherwise. GM SHM and RA SS in sequence host the performance. Welcoming 8 virgins per procedure with keepsake and song. Limp Fish Dick and Cruise Line Her each notches run patch and beer mug. A handful latecumers in quick succession nip into the circle, such as Dazed & Confused, Pussy Nibble, Ass Tonguer, MargariCunt and Beer Wolf being called in to drink a dazzling rain boot from Super Squirter. These 4 hares certainly suck-swallow a cock of shame. AutoBlow, Bandit Bitch and DSMH dare to put on a spick-and-span running shoes, and serving them with the in thing is to swill the contributed beer with their one new shoe. GM SHM is profuse in praise to DSMH, “Beautiful! Beautiful!……” as she is. RA SS’s sister’s first time to visit BJH3 is chary. Drink Like Girl and BC as Beer Bitch pour beer for hashers. Dickmocracy is sung for his last time hashing in BJH3 with Fuck Off, You Wank song. Then Just Patrick is hailed out for his naming, his topless body is on his knees in the circle, a pertinent Leprecunt digs out his jism beyond wildest dream for his Hash Handle. A stormy beer baptism more vitalizes him out of saddle with The Hasher Song demonstrating a ballpark figure. It ends up with all the way to seventh heaven. Many eat a genial chophouse. Then all of hashers stride into the Paddy’s to drink a hell of world, some knock the wood already.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Wednesday,
March 21, 2018