All those who confine their aspiration to legal reform are bound by the political view of freedom.

A police car pulls over at the side of hashing circle at the corner of a square nearby Guomao CBD at 4 pm or so. 2 cops stop the ongoing circle made by about 20 hashers. Red Snatcher as local hasher goes up to explain what’s going on this hashing circle. A square staff with a tie and white shirt as well as bitch box walks up to these 2 cops to talk something, too. It breezes sauna temperature. Only here can find some tree shade for a cool circle. God knows how so the locals called the police for the hashing circle. Maybe some people envy at the racket of what the hashers get happy? Maybe some people suffer from xenophobia? Maybe some people are excessively jittery? Maybe……RS reveals that the cops order people cannot gather in public places. Then GM Shanghai Man gives a call for finishing the circle right away.

GM SHM and acting RA Blister Fister still host the first half of celebration, welcoming 6 virgins with Hash convention, hailing these 3 hares Blow Harder, Piss & Chips and Super Squirter for swigging more. Little Shit Red Hood renders a self-accusation. The tinkly Rambo #5 “accuses” twice. Wandering Tongue exists early. GM SHM picks a virgin girl Just Li to blow a bottle of beer at one swallow each other. GM SHM sings the situational Hash songs with his phone. Perhaps in the blessing of start point, RA should put in certain words in respect of the police.

The strength of runners and walkers is similar. Zigzagging through side streets in all high rises to run around the Guomao CBD. From time to time the hare BH gets lost and another hare P&C observantly leads ahead in no uncertain terms for the hashers whom are losing the bearing. Limp Fish Dick rushes in the front and hits the first BS at a small shop behind International Trade Center Building. A group of walkers guided by the walking hare SS have been there, including KiddiePoo, Just Jake, Just Sun, etc, but having to seek out a new shop as the original one has been closed. All hashers then move to a dry and empty beer garden between these up-scale skyscrapers. The hares hurry to buy Hash beer at the downstairs of the buildings. Fortunately the hares come back with the tad cold beer soon. Drink and talk for 10 minutes and setting out again.

LFD and Pickle Boy blaze a trail with their shout for On On. On the heels of them, they are Crash Test Dummy, Nibble Kamikaze and virgins. It’s then that a horse profile becomes Hash Hold for group photo. Stepping up the bizarre structures. A gardener is watering the lawn with a water pipe. Several hashers roar past for having a shower under the water pipe. And through a higgledy-piggledy hive full of business and along with walkway and crossing the busy road, reaching the second BS. The walkers first arrived afresh. Cums 4 Seconds as latecumer shows up out of nowhere. The break with talk, sip and ice-cream lasts 10 minutes and looping back to HH house with reckoning without direction on the known avenue. It’s a short trail.

On On…

Pickle Boy