The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence and crime is welded to reading failure.


As if Creator deliberately keeps in a large enough evil forces in order to warn people: never ever lust for enjoying a wonderful life with no effort, no anxiety and no alertness; and remind people: never ever stop to defend the good things. Seeing that humanity is fragile and dependent, no one can rely on their own power to control their own destiny other than rationality, the value of political and social system opportunely makes up for demand and deficiency caused by personal FRAGILITY. Super Heroes of Hash rolls out social part once again by dressing up as surreal negative and positive characters. Lo! Melon Drama prinks Poison Ivy in a green mini-dress matching a pair of green gauntlet girding up with strings of green leaves and specially wearing a bicorn poppy switch that she seems to partner off Bizarro to be most prominent eco-terrorist; 3 hares then stay the same in the guise of Sailor Moon as princesses of moon kingdom combating against evil forces, typically the appearance of a threesome Japanese high school students, that is, orange Pekinsky Bikinsky, purple Super Squirter and red KhlitLeesi; Just Leigh puts on a blue Superman’s cape, etc. It’s sunbaked and muggy at 36 degrees.

Hashing trail is situated in northeast 4-5th ring road. Former RA beloved Comes On Vacation swings back for a visit after a few years; Sink & Destroy lashes out of the start point; No Shit Sherlock and Just Oliver tread on her heels; turning right into a street to cross a busy avenue for a mark of Open Check. Extra Dry locates a neotenic sign to hang in. On left into a stinky lane where household garbage pile up at discretion. Dry Hole buckets through. A discrete grocery takes rank as the first beer stop. Herr Splashy Pants comes to the surface and exclaims, “Just more than one kilometer, meeting the beer stop!” and dutifully continues to check missed Hash Cash on the ball. Indeed, thank hares for their considerate arrangement. Over 20 runners and about 15 walkers get together for needful intermission. Bearded Clam draping a flag of New Zealand arrives slight late; Bjorn Again somehow sucks the guck of chocolate ice cream at his fingertips that might be melted away at a great lick of sunshine. Nevertheless beer is short of freeze-up. Thank goodness! At times the wind cools it down. Some are still smack of hangover from an awesome party at MD’s place last night. Creamy Lips suggests it should happen every 3 months.

Dunno what time hitting the road, holding a mug of unfinished beer to catch up and noway to waste beer. The dirt trail tells it’s wildish and rushing in an enclosed woods and a sweep of dense lofty trees comfort hashers. Just Judy trots her sharp paces. Snaking our way through bypath to fetch up a timbered veranda as Hash Hold. Clicking the photos for all runners with diverse gestures, DH’s short pants is pulled down by Whose Red Weenie for comic relief. Really, only are there hashing runners on the spot, without any strangers. To let the marks slide in the woodland and then another Hash Hold at a pavilion where some locals enjoy the cool and its surrounding pool has become dry depression overgrowing weeds, there still erects a board with Chinese characters: “warn: deep water, no swim”. All runners have group picture. Only one running hare, KL hints at a way for a marked direction. Hashers cut through bottomland by waving swimming stroke and move out of woods. Phantom plows his way afront. Hashers run along a beeline street for a spell and enter a Cultural Industry Innovation Park. A broad view of grassplot up and down mounds are dotted with several cartoon kitty statues and bizarre footstalls of machinery equipments propping up structures. A highland with luxuriant meadow was settled in for the second beer stop. A bunch of hashing walkers have reached with cans of beer. Most of hashers lounge on the green for 15 minutes or so. Ponyo cared by Ass Tonguer the whole time nestles down on the scarce grass for placebo effect; Heart On as Hash Flash photographs for hashers; Filthy Habit utters a prolonged roar to start off the next.

Mussels from Brussels beats it and keeps on top of his muscles. Hashers steam ahead on ad-cold-beer trail and through a village with audience of hashers and through 2 blocks, Muschi Riot and Just Pete whiz past, crossing an avenue and on left into a guarded living community and a small shop at the entrance serves for the third beer stop. DH hands out sticky rice sorbet to hashers; SS lies facedown on popsicle freezer for cooling her down. The security guards of this community nervously push hashers to move out of here as soon as possible. Someone chances one’s luck to learn the ropes. Hashers kick off a zetetic homestretch along the bustling streets and 2 turnings loop back to home restaurant in sweeping all before one. The celebrative circle takes place at wayside clearing with drinking Belgian beer called Vedett and Liefmans as Hash Beer sponsor. AutoBlow squeezes in belatedly. But Pikachu and his virgin have left early.

GM Agent Orgy wrapping her around a flaming Hash flag moderates performance, first off, calling out 5 virgins according to procedure for welcoming them with Hash song and floppy cock. Some score running patches one after the other, such as female PB, KL, Like It To Ride and COV; Red Snatcher obtains a twinkling steel mug; Phantom Menace shows off his potential of future GM by delivering monologue and chanting song in the beginning and executes the mission of Bitch Slapper in the circle under custody of mom Taxi Ride Her; RA Lost in Marks & Spencer hosts the part; COV stands out to gift hashers a dozen of African beer that indicates 4.9% alcohol content and specially presents Pickle Boy 3 pieces of African condoms; DH holds a big water gun to squirt hashers and teases the spot with MfB, S&D, COV, Dark Shaft and Hard To Live With; Just Guoli swipes in silence and in a learning situation; some just watch and laugh like Tight Quim, Mind The Gap, Rambo Number Five, Crash Test Dummy, Nut Pirate, All In, Pre-Lubed, Just Flora and virgins. That hashers sing Hash songs and convey merriment attracts many locals to spectate and remark on Hash circle being a beer festival. The jovial air plays down the burning hot. About 20 hashers taste yummy local food and Molotov Cock breaks cover as latest comer for dinner. To be a citizen, protect our innocence, our innocence allows us to do what the practical mind prohibits.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
July 12, 2016