In an Egalitarian society that has no elite class, an equilibrium can be reached where the commoner population increases to the maximum carrying capacity of the planet; the Equitable society divides the population into “workers” and “nonworkers.” This society can reach equilibrium with slow growth and fairly distributed salaries; in the Unequal scenario, the population collapses after an apparent equilibrium when the elite population starts to take off, peaking around year 775. By year 900, everything has collapsed, and nature makes a recovery.

It’s 36 degrees and upwards of thirty hashers duly set out Boxer Hash #149 the whole day long full of enthusiasm in the Fountain of Gods on Saturday hared by BH GM Sink & Destroy, Just Pete and Ass Tonguer, and Just Ram got his Hash Handle to be known as Ram Without Lube.

Luckily, the wind blows away torridness for a slot when over thirty hashers gather to hash on Sunday afternoon in western 3rd ring road. Herr Splashy Pants as Hash Cash is up to his elbows in keeping accounts and payment and has to catch up with hashers after starting hashing forgetting him; Charlie has rolled on with stains of red mark on his back; GM Six Kuai Short summons a hashers circle to energize a high morale; RA Blister Fister holds a cold tin of beer to bless three hares and trail, namely, Ezy Riders for walking hare, Receding Down Under and All in, all of whom wear a special shades with adornment of coconut tree and crane on frames.

Just Oliver shouts out the firstling mark as the others check in different routes; Extra Dry scurries ahead, passing thru a residential area in a sigma way. A subset of Two-Way, Three-Way and Open Check marks slow down the hot paces of hashers. Just The Tip puts on a pair of slippers to trot at ease; Teddy Secret also marches at the double; Taxi Rider Her lopes to chat with Whose Red Wienie; ah! No Shit Sherlock calls for an On On from another trail of a small stone bridge; RDU soliloquizes, “who traded me?” hashers have to jibe with hare to go through a digs zone to a hustling and bustling street. Melon Drama jogs at full tilt to ransack an Oh Shit trail and runs back to Two-Way sign for confirming a right trail. While striding over the middle of a steel structure overpass, Mind The Gap is alarmed and panicky to shriek out, “this bridge is rocking!” down this very bridge to on right to see several hashers arriving at the first beer stop in a lane. Suddenly hearing a swingy heavy wheeze behind and overtaking, turns out it’s SKS. Runners and walkers converge to shoot the breeze and sip cold beer occupying about 10 minutes. Karate shows up from nowhere, of course, he couldn’t miss readily. When speaking in English towards a virgin local boy, he smiles to shake his head to shy away, “I can’t understand English in Chinese.”……

Lumpers always meets up splitters to bump into Homo habilis system for individualism instead of boohooing and hoodooing booboisie until forming humanoid robot underpinnings from Niflheim to Ginnungagap. Lookee! Each and every hasher as a zoon is moving forward no matter what is by walking and running along with indicated marks, just for the cold beer that’s a simple demand to develop boundless dynamic and spinning off sportsmanship and cognitive faculty with metaphysical implication, and working like a charm, isn’t it? Crossing the bridge and main road, the passers-by stare at the onrushing hashers in dripping wet. The hare, AI with benevolence asks hashers, “Do you need a shortcut? I can show you a way.” No, young lady, we hashers exactly stick to the marks for fun, if going by a shortcut, it’s no hashing any more. Unwittingly entering an unknown park where many speakers hanging up the top of poles respectively is playing an elegant piano music, each note from piano key is concerting with a round of ripples of a lake surface on a side of a stone bridge, on another side, there’s a full of passengers boat that a boatman standing on stern is paddling along in a waterway amongst a full-blown lotus leave on the lake surface. Once turning around the half of lake, the second beer stop is found with all hashers for 10 minutes or so. Flasher with a bit shy look stays with Phantom as his father and Phantom Menace squirts a water gun in a big way with Drill Me; Crash Test Dummy clicks a big group of hashers photo before a lake. Then hitting the road. Filing out of the park and whizzing perpendicular to the south to return to restaurant. Bjorn Again seems to have lost his way and has to lingers at restaurant as latest comer. The circle takes place an open plank ground in green belt nearby. ER trundles to four big cartons of Belgium beer, separately Liefmans, Verdett and Duvel as well as three small cases of Yanjing beer.

GMs first give a prologue, Agent Orgy announces Hashers’s donation to China Little Flower from Red Dress Run last week amounted to more than ten thousand yuan that echoes a lap of merriment from hashers on site; SKS hosts a welcoming ritual to six virgins with Hash song and little gift, awards Lost in Marks & Spencer a #111 running patch, grants a fancy-schmancy steel cup with words and a round of low embossed pattern to Breakfast Included (Undulator), endows a quality penis bottle opener to BA, Rambo Number Five, ER and LiM&S, accords #50 steel mug and patch to Hebei Horse Herpes to drink in the end before she rejected many times to drink; BF comes out to praise SKS with a red Bali T-shirt; Bearded Clam and Ram Without Lube each wields the Bitch Slapper to maintain the spot order vividly; Pickle Boy prizes up bottles of beers to hashers; BF calls forth for Britain to drink, there’s six Brits shaping a circle drink with British song, they are Dark Shaft, Tight Quim, LiM&S, Ass Tonguer who stands by snapping pictures for hashers, Just Oliver as if reminding people of Magna Carta (Great Charter) as an earliest Rule of Law in 1215; the others have merry laugh like Finger My Dough, Hard To Live With, Creamy Lips, Just Flora, Just Leigh, unbeknownst and virgins. As a result, LiM&S leads a multi-versions of chorus for Swing Low to sublimate into a public consciousness of dominant species for the web of life. After Hash dinner, some head to Paddy’s to prolong a hashing to splash people with a big water gun for post-known birthday of ER till midnight. Nanobots are implanted into our brains so we can expand our intelligence by directly tapping into the internet.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
June 28, 2016