Wholala! 9 virgins stands out in the start circle called by GM Shanghai Man. The hare Mussels from Brussels explains the marks. Principal Penetration just finishes Hash cash. RA Heart On as usual blesses the trail and these 3 hares. 3 FOYW hashers come back for a short visit, such as Waiting for It, Lost In Marks & Spencer and Blow Job who brings in a bottle of Aussie wine to treat the hashers. An order spreads 50ish hashers out for the marked trail. Shortly a shout for On On marshals into a beeline route along with canal, shinnery and wooded mounds. A team of color runners like Cums In Brum, Piss and Chips, Blow Harder and Ass Tonguer, especially with some colorful tutus. Dry Hole leads the hashing line-up to rush onward and on his heels like Limp Fish Dick, Beer Wolf, KiddiePoo, Cums 4 Seconds, Crash Test Dummy, More Men, Triple X Ray, No Shit Sherlock, Clarke Bent, Moustache My Mom, Breakfast Included, Butter Collector, Just Zhu, virgins, etc. Duh Spot and Just Angela with Junior Duh Spot.

A Chinese traditional, godforsaken, wretched door with superstitious 96 doornails tolls the hashers for a Hash Hold. Sure, the hashers cannot miss group photo with this symbol. And scampering away until hitting the 1st BS at a lane junction. A skite drops in all of a sudden. Pickle Boy, BW and virgins like fishes enjoy the shower. Once the rain stops, the hashers move forward into residential zone. Rambo No.5 takes photos for hashers. The hare Glitoris remarks the moist trail. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications looks like empty and rundown buildings. The 2nd BS is found in an alleyway. And later on, a group of walkers arrive under guidance of the walking hare Chewancca. They are Bearded Clam, Tap for Tit, Just Hannah, Danger Zone, Forrest Dump and so on. Super Squirter squeezes in as latecumer. Sip and talk blend together in knots. Inflaming our passion to goad our feet on.

With hint of the hare, the hashers enter campus of Beijing Normal University and a Confucius statue surrounded by treelawn arrests the hashers for group photo. As if hearing the Chinese ancient voice for unoriginality opposing against originality of the world. On the track of uproarious campus, on right, bumping into the 3rd BS. 2 security guards approach to the hashers and ask hashers to leave the campus as soon as possible. 10 min of break later. The hashers go forth in vigorous and powerful array. Out of campus, unknowingly into a pubic garden. There’s a dragon-boat swing facility, but it’s closed. A big word hangs on for Viking. Without hesitation, the hashers stay together with this symbol for group photo as the 3rd Hash Hold. Cutting through woods to loop back to HH House.  The circle takes place in the woods. Some latecumers show up like 007, Just Jake and virgin.

GM SHM and RA HO in turns host performance. A bunch of virgins are welcomed with Hash tradition. These 3 hares are hailed in for drink couples of times. Glitoris and KP each wins #10 run patch and mug. Not Tonight acquires #25 run patch. HO attains #123 run patch. Song Master DH sings out Hash songs for Hash rhythm and keynote. SS works on Hash Flash. Chewancca is pulled out for his new shoes drink accompanied by Suck Swallow song. Turns out RA HO leads a classic chorus for Swing Low with crew. Over 20 hashers eat a tasty food at a wedding hall. Then wheeling to the Local bar for cui bono and some into the Circle nightclub for Diablo.

On On…

Pickle Boy