Superboy in prospect

Phantom Menace comes over to hashers, with sweet smile, “Hey, guys!” . Especially his dad Phantom like strict examiner asks him some questions from time to time, PM always has judgment on his own. Minutely his mom Taxi Ride Her then with patience edifies him as PM weeps out what he cannot think through. On the occasion of TRH’s decennial Hash naming celebration, PM proofs that Phantom and TRH produced the chemical reaction each other is right as rain. The witness and namer Dry Hole certainly hares together with this A-list Hash family to revive such the unforgettable naming site.

At the start point in front of restaurant, RA Heart On blesses clean as a whistle for these 3 hares that can sound the words of DH as former RA. About 25 hashers feel a sheer Beijing winter’s coldness. The whirring bise compels hashers to bundle up. However only Phantom as usual dresses a thin shorts as if he proves he’s Aussie, oh! Mate! Agent Orgy cavorts Heyrobics to coruscate enthusiasm and warmth. And the hashers move to a grocery adjacent to restaurant for the first beer stop. Some hashers have sweated on the foreheads. Wait! We run a big loop as a matter of fact, just return to the start point via a contiguity of housing area, streets, avenues and bosk. Many actively searching for a way such as Lost in Marks & Spencer, ChickenShit, Herr Splashy Pants, Finger My Dough, Anything Goes, Danger Zone, No Shit Sherlock, virgins, etc. Crash Test Dummy snaps candid photos. There’s a 10-min cut-off for a break. Duh Spot shows up late. AO tries to sing situational Hash song. Just Chris acclimatizes himself to hashing. Ponyo and Emmy plough around playing together. The hashers have taken possession of the bottom of street.

Skelping in an uncouth bosk. 2 walkers are jogtroting by batting the breeze like Creamy Lips and PreLubed. The hare TRH cracks the flour mark. The checkpoints open the distance amongst the hashers. Pickle Boy seems to hit a bonanza to shout out a sequence of signs on an offshoot until meeting up the second beer stop at a highland sidewalk. A handful of walkers arrive firsthand. Just Daniel springs out as latecomer. Bjorn Again unfolds a risible face. The housebroken Tyler is tamed by Sweet & Furry stringently. Breakfast Included and LiM&S stand opposite the street. Just Ann is bobbish to chat up with the hashers. Everything in working order. AO gets a vibe to make sail with her shriek. The beer psyches out some to blaze the trail. By the look of it being through canals and lanes. The sticklers for detail elbow out mumbo jumbo by the skin of one’s teeth to take life by balls and wipe the marks up like cream cheese. Against all expectation, the third beer stop emerges at a rustic and empty eatery where S&F bolts down a bowl of noodle. The local hashers discuss hating fireworks. Lick It To Ride voices he loves fireworks. Shaking a leg into a brokendown cramped hutong aside a leaning wall to land a main road, crossing the hustling crossings, turning into a living community to yell our way to run back to restaurant. There is a clearing in the dweller zone where the hashers circle up for a wingding. Nut Pirate pops down for a circle as always.

GM Super Squirter oxstering a red slapper delivers the opening remarks and welcomes 2 virgins from DC with a little cock and The Beijing Hash Song by hashers. Ass Tonguer as Hash Flash holds her high resolution camera to click vivid pictures. Hot Cockolate wins her #10 BJH3 running patch. S&F scores her shining steel mug and a bunch of hashers with mug surge up to congratulate on her. RA HO hails out these 3 hares and fetches out a bottle of champagne to share a convivial moment with the hashers for celebrating the provenance of Taxi Ride Her’s naming that sparked her wedlock with Phantom. Another witness that year Dazed & Confused as a newly-married man waves a cock of shame to punish-reward AT. Molotov Cock’s plausible new shoes are spied and he glugs with a new shoe. Rambo Number Five becomes accustomed to convey a contribution to top the beer from hashsers in the new shoes. Hash songs rouse hashers to forge ahead of the comb of roaring beer. The chillness early parks its arse to follow the temperature of hashers whatsoever gas or dust they are. In the end, RA HO leads the 3 editions of chorus for Swing Low with all hands to seek out a piece of peace in the DARKNESS OF CHAOS. More than 10 hashers dine on Moslem food.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
January 23, 2017