The man-made disaster must incur the natural disaster.

Without further ado, bad money drives out good. Everyone is being a kind of victim sooner or later because money is more important than the crime and sin. The catastrophe is occurring one after the other. Only one way to forgetting the cruel reality for the time being by joining the hashing for the drunkenness and sweatiness. Let alone the popularism and racism to hamper the world fusion by hook or by crook. Motherf**kers are f**king this world for their gaudy “graveclothes” with no bodies because the spellbound Abaddon is beckoning the poorest! Thanks to these 3 hares Lick It To Ride, Ass Tonguer and Beer Wolf setting such a “shitty” trail for over 30 hashers of trial jury in a debonair day. Nevertheless our Charlie still hides in under the car, not for heat, HE either suffering from depression or shying away from the Motherf**kers. GM Blister Fister takes over Hash Cash and kicks off a hashing with RA Heart On and these 3 hares for 4 virgins. Some hashers are coming back from the summering holiday.

Just Steven first finds out the last mark and Slappy Seconds locates the firstling mark to lead the way. Crossing the busy street to open check for a right track by the good sense of direction from Just Steven(big), Pickle Boy and Doctor Shocker. After making sure the third mark from the by-pass, then we call for On On, which means it’s the right trail. Just Jack then gets understanding. Soon a teamwork spots another sign from the Open Check mark until entering the Dongdan park. Stepping up the wooded hill to the top with a breakdown pavilion for the runners’ group picture as a Hash Hold, including Principal Penetration, Teddy Secret, Just Diana, etc. Down to the hill and on left to rush out of this park and on left to cross the street into hutong. Once on right, meeting up the first beer stop. Perhaps foreign face or languge barrier, the local owner of the grocery wanna charge the hares CNY 4 for a bottle of Yanjing. But the flat price is CNY 3 in Beijing. After PB talks to her, she explains if the empty bottle is left behind, it’s CNY 3. The walkers and runners gather to drink and talk for 10 minutes. Some latecummers show up like Six Kuai Short, Super Squirter, etc.

Anal Compulsion bursts out to check ahead in the hutongs, but easily misses the sign. When moving out of the hutongs, crossing the street to the corner of Dongbianmen wall ruins, there are a string of the new giant stones, the first one inscribes swarms of Chinese characters that the major meaning is to praise the labor laureates since the new China was established 68 years ago and shows it’ s built in last December by the Beijing Labor Union. And another 4 gaint stones are filled with name lists of labor prize-winners in the past. Is it satirizing the money worshippers or the laborers? All hashers get the group photos for the second Hash Hold. Climbing on the foot bridge and down to turn right to street and intersection, to the end of street to righthand to see the second beer stop opposite the street where the walkers arrived earlier, like Karate, Crash Test Dummy, Bjoin Again, Doesn’t Fit, Drinks Like A Girl, Godzilla Butt, Prelubed, Just Mini, Just Sue, etc. One of the best Hash name family appear together for the U.S Labor Day, such as Comes More Often, I’m Not Gay and their daughter called Evidence. Winding through a digs quarter to the main road to turn right to down the subway and up to on left to return to restaurant. The circle is sited at a broad passageway.

GM BF and RA HO co-host a performance. Welcoming the 4 virgins and gifting little yellow cock to each. Yelling out these 3 hares to down down for their professional gig and GM BF stands out to seal on their bodies with BJH3 chop, looking more like the studhorses. BW is awarded a piece of chocolate cake for his birthday. CTD wins his #200 run patch. Mind The Gap gains her #25 run patch. Cockarazzi and Oracle Boner respectively clicks Hash photos. Dazed & Confused shouts out the 3 hashers who were first to hit the first beer stop and lets them compete with drinking up a bottle of beer, Just Steven (big), SS and PB. The other RA SKS like game master proposes 2 teams of games to contest for the drinking relay race, one lays down the ground and another lies on the one’s body to make a few push-ups and then suck-drinks at a cup of beer on the one’s body, which brings along the circle in full swing. 2 cartons of sponsor beer Taste Room support this hashing. RA HO leads a chorus of Swing Low with crews as an upshot. Many hashers stay for a local dinner, especially down to a zigzag underground restaurant like a shithole. Leastwise, the hashers enjoy a good time again. On the way home without frustration, the drunkenness has drowned the voice in the victims’ mind – f**k you, motherf**kers!

By the same token, Boxer #163 on schedule was rolled out by the 3 hares Lick It To Ride, Ass Tonguer and Oracle Boner and summoned about 20 hashers up on Python hill in Changpin area. It’s said that the hashers also experienced a beautiful day.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
September 05, 2017