The folks have been being plagued by the counterfeit and inferior between science and religion. But the difficulties are always there and never being reduced.

Struggling against the smog for a little while and then a beautiful day comes into view in the afternoon of Saturday. It’s the hashing time. About 40 hashing nailers show up in high spirits at the run site nearby hustling shuangjiang area. Principal Penetration takes care of Hash Cash. Red Snatcher sells new fashion-conscious Hash T-shirt to the hashers that’s designed by Dazed & Confused and Shanghai Man. GM SHM and RA Slappy Seconds call the 3 hares to kick off a journey. 6 virgins participate in.

Streets, laneways, foot bridges, digs quarters, intersections, creepy tunnel where Cruise LineHer videos a trace of fear, canal bank where hashers run across a Hash Hold with a statue of sailboats for group picture. The hare Limp Fish Dick brings a team of hashers to hang on the steel crosstree, such as Cum In My Brum, Just Krista, More Men, Blow Harder, Ragnhild Lund and virgin as if experiencing the baptism of wind and waves. The second Hash Hold is set at a mini-square diagonally across the second beer stop. An atmosphere of silver white steel statues, topless and laughing giant guys who seem to being laughed at such the follies on the endless stream of streets, Blister Fister makes a nose-picking posture, and on the top of museum building, there are another figure statues, a row of sitters looking down at something as if being the supervisors in heaven. For sure, the hashers click group photos. When the line-up hashers burst through a busy artistic lane, the leisure people recognize the hashers and exclaim, “On On! Hashers! On On! ……” The hare Minaj A Trois ushers the trail for the hashers from time to time. As returning to HH house, a virgin meters out a trail reached around 16 km, maybe including the way he lost.

3 beer stops were interspersed in the trail evenly and all adjacent to the bustling streets. The hare What The Fluff serves the cold beer for hashers. John The Baptist displays his Catholic Guilt T-shirt to the hashers. Dr.Jekyll Spank My Hyde is finishing her whirlwind visit to BJH3 by meeting up new hashers and gathers together with a few old hashers. KiddiePoo’s one cloisonné earring flickers some meaning. Several rap groups on the go like Doctor Shocker and No Shit Sherlock, Churn Me On, Just Scott and virgins, Bandit Bitch dressing like singer Adele, Ice Cream buff like Breakfast Included, Rambo Number Five, Flying Mum and Not Tonight. Graphic Exposure as his Hash name taking photo everywhere. Crash Test Dummy stands away to watch alone. Just Jai putting on jacket and only walking. Just Collin keeping so silent. Just Pat saying he loves the hashing so much

The circle is sited in a hot hutong next to the restaurant. And hashers have to yell out to make the holes many times for the vehicles passing through. Just Brie turns up as latecumer. A Shuangjiang local girl in a decent coat, who’s actually a passer-by in the beginning and joined the whole trail as a virgin, asks Pickle Boy if hashers are anti-governmental or not? Her tone sounds like a police, and more like she representing Qing Dynasty, then asks if some hashers ever joined the … movement. Hold on! She’s not a time traveler from the Qing Dynasty, but a problem with either cognitive disorder or communication barriers. There are indeed a plethora of people living in the Qing Dynasty all the same. And PB talks her into relaxing and having fun, then she apparently gets cold feet and leaves and watches the circle for a short time in a distance. Meanwhile the circle has proceeded the half and many hashers have left, too. GM SHM and RA SS host the performance. Karate wins #150 shining mug and #150 run patch. PB hails all Chinese hashers in and states the calling for cultural confidence and institutional confidence should contain the advanced things from the outside of China, not to reject them. Finally RA SS leads a chorus of Swing Low with crew to give credit where credit is due. Nearly 20 hashers enjoy a yummy local food. Chewannca comes late for the hashing dinner only.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
March 26, 2018