Pictographic thinking way – 010 jamming in vicious cycle, alphabetic thinking way – 012345 breaking through with part of sacrifice.

When the hare PPTease gets to the small shop for the circle beer where he paid upfront deposit on the cold beer, but the owner of this shop says she forgot to put beer into fridge and explains it’s winter why you drink cold beer? Then taking back the deposit and having to check other shops for the COLD BEER. After asking 5 small shops, the result is the same as the first one, “we don’t have cold beer. It’s winter already”. See! This is a cultural conflict. Chinese traditional medicine stresses that drinking warm stuff is good for health in the winter instead of the cold one.

At the first beer stop situated at the end of a lane near Russian market, the vehicles flow. Nearly 40 hashers talk and drink on both sides of the lane. All of a sudden, a van passes by, one of guys in the van cranes his head to show an ugly face, in Chinese, “ F**K you! F**King shove off!” Hopefully fewer people are Johnny One Note.

As leaving the third Hash Hold for group photo at a timeworn temple in a hutong called Wisdom Temple built in 1443, in the homestretch, a dog of medium height bursts out to harass Baijiu tethered by Dry Hole, she’s one-eyed and might be a stray dog and constantly noses into the poop chute of Baijiu. It’s beyond the mind that she stalks Baiju to the finishing point. Whatsoever DH drives her off, she always come full circle to Baijiu, Amy, Ponyo and Charlie are there, too. During the circle time, the hashers are all immersed in carnivalesque merrymaking, DH rushes out of the circle to chase away this sick and annoying dog.

The circled celebration against the side wall of a starry hotel is taking place, several security guards of this hotel and his manager come out to stop the hashing circle. No matter what GM Super Squirter, DH and Just Niuniu interpret for them, they all the time insist on letting the hashers remove. Perhaps they saw too many mountebankeries before or something else. The circle has to be moved to a poky junction in a hutong. DH with dogs and RA Heart On who finished her duty leave early.

There are 10+ virgins attending the hashing in a still clear day, of course, being welcomed with hashing ceremony. Dazed & Confused concocts a coke bottle of kinda Screw Driver to treat the hashers and another 2 little bottles of yellow wine to treat his co-hares Snake Cunter and PPTease. However D&C as walking hare does not locate the second BS for all walkers and bares to the waist to bouse an Arm Cast. Just Diana cradling her skinny doggy wins her run patch and plastic mug. Breakfast Included and Drink Her Pretty swill together with one new own shoe for their new shoes respectively. Cockarazzi, Drinks Like A Girl, Oracle Boner each winds bizarre situations around their little fingers via their cameras. Chewancca sings out a hashing song smacking of rock and roll. DHP ladles out some quality openers and run patches to the hashers for his first visit in BJH3 and sings and dances a vivid Hash song. These 3 hares are hailed out for sure to drink over and again. Six Kuai Short “accuses” some hashers of funny parts resourcefully and shouts out Just Diana for her naming. After 2 nominations, she lands up in her Hash Handle identified as Not Tonight and a spatter of beer touses her hair by a handful hashers as she’s on her knees in the circle in the evening. GM SS leads a chorus of Swing Low with all hashers at length accompanied passers-by in stream. Over 20 hashers eat dinner. Rambo No.5 just stands aside and murmurs he threw up by Chinese food last time. Several virgins stay for more communication.

The Taste Room sponsors 2 cartons of beer for the circle as usual.

The second BS is set for only runners in a tiny and busy hutong next to local retired crowd playing poker, chess and mahjong. Shaven Not Stirred and Red Snatcher pose for pictures. Just Steven, Cum in My Brum, Little Red Shit Hood, Lick It To Ride and virgins gam. The first HH is sited at the top pavilion on the baby hill in Ritan park for only runners. The second HH is on the noisy foot bridge for only runners as well. Roaring past and down to SOHO Galaxy. A team of runners urge forward like virgins, Just Will, DH, Pickle Boy, Just Patrick, Danger Zone, No Shit Sherlock, etc. The walkers include Bjorn Again, Karate, Crash Test Dummy, Smells Fishy, virgins and so forth.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
November 06, 2017