Renegades always exist to proof the evil side of humanity alternate between religion and science. Positive and rational belief still functions to restrain the evil with stern punishment.

On the stroke of 1:69pm, GM Blister Fister and RA Heart On organize over 25 hashers to rake through the salvation in a sinful trail around the center of downtown called Dengshikou. At the outset, the most of runners lose the way twice in the hutong and street. The walking hare Algae Bra brings a group of walkers to sink into the hutongs. The running trail leads the runner up to the bustling intersection and business zone in various style mansions with 2 running hares Principal Penetration and No Shit Sherlock looking after. If Amy detects her mom being changed to another who holds her tether, she at once stops for recognizing the replacement. Transylvestite jogs in front in noisy born-and-bred hutong. Dickmocracy and Little Red Shit Hood ramble on the trail. Dazed & Confused yells out a key sign at a perplexed turning to cross the street into another block of hutongs to the end for the first beer stop at a rinky-dink shop. Just Luca first finds it out in the little junction. 5 minutes later, the walkers show up, too. Ponyo pulls Beer Wolf conversing with Cockarazzi. Cum in My Brum becomes used to sit down for a rest at each beer stop. Just Chen chats with all smiles. Suddenly Agent Orgy springs out as latecomer to bubble over with her passion to greet hashers. Talk and drink last 15 minutes.

Slappy Seconds rushes ahead out of the hutongs to thwart the congested Wangfujing street and Danger Zone blazes way for the trail in the upscale community. By chance Crash Test Dummy shouts out a mark to break a deadlock. Swinging round the corner to slope in the towering commercial buildings and on right to the end to meet up the 2nd BS next to street. Breakfast Included enjoys her ice-cream. Red Snatcher does not drink. Triple X-ray as always stays alone and pops out some words, “we common people just live like dog!”. AO relates the gorgeous wedding of Ass Tonguer and Lick It To Ride. Super Squirter shoots a whole group photo. After the runners start the trail, many still drink. Zigzagging through the crowded business area and hit the Hash Hold, the Roman architecture, St Joseph’s Church built in 1655 seems to be a tranquilizer among the gambling spots of power and money. The walkers take pictures including Drinks Like Girl, Anal Compulsion, Smells Fishy, Rambo No.5, What the Fluff, Just Emily, Just Elan and virgin. Pickle Boy steps into the church to observe about 30 prayers listening to daily Mass. D&C is happy with having a Jesus handbook for his uncle although it’s Chinese version. It’s estimated that there have been more than 100 million Christian in China and constantly keeping high growth. On right into a lane to reach the 3rd BS, the mind hulks IF THE DIRECTION IS RIGHT, THE NEXT IS TO UPDATE IT IN TIME. The 10 minutes of break makes the hashers hard-driving and along with palatial buildings row upon row to return to the restaurant. Shaven Not Stirred appears in fancy overcoat.

GM BF summons a jolly circle and welcomes 4 virgins with little yellow cocks and the Beijing Hash Song, awards the run patches to DLG and a virgin, announces #200 run for CTD and the other peers, such as BI, D&C, RS, PB and HO come out to celebrate together. BF suck-swallows a cock of shame somehow, and all the rest of it. At dark, RA HO hosts a naming for Just Steven. He without demur peels off his layers to his briefs and goes down on his knees in the winter. Getting through several nominations and elections by voice. The loudest voice wins out for Blow Harder and his Hash Handle would help him dig up his concentration in his life. A fit of scream and cachinnation pours out a beer christening over his body. The Hasher Song unleashes storm of congratulations from the hashers. For the most part, RA then precents a chorus of Swing Low with crew as an upshot. Approx 15 hashers dine off a yummy food and it’s not last supper.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
November 27, 2017