We believe in survivors

Working our socks off donkey work on the ridges in bushes and shrubs, checking and running! Running and Checking! Firing on all cylinders. Feeling like in the middle of nowhere, nevertheless it’s an ancient park near the north 3rd ring road. Ponyo trots onward at full speed. Suddenly 3 fine cables hang in the air at the height of about 1.5 meters across the only pathway on the top of the baby hills. Staring them in the face. If running past here at night, the passer-by might be in jeopardy. The running hares Lick It To Ride and Ass Tonguer await here to guide the hashers to pass through safely. The pacesetters Dry Hole, Danger Zone, Pickle Boy, Chokes One Out, Lost in Marks & Spencer, Blow Harder and so on lead the way up and down alongside of the living canal until the canal bridge on which the runners click group photo as Hash Hold under the intense sunlight. Cracking on the paved bypath straight out of the park to the main street. In a spin to turn right into a residential zone to reach the first beer stop. The cold beer and snacks take the weight off our feet for 15 minutes or so.

Keeping our eyes peeled for the varisized signs all over the shop as a matter of course. But for the hints from the hare, some marks could condemn the hashers to go astray while making a dogleg into another park. The secluded and wooded ridges give way to a melodious stepped pathlet whatever floats our boat. DH can’t help saying, “I like this trail!”. It more than meets the eye. Everyone is a shoo-in to kick up our heels with full steam ahead. Flagging down a hole around the thickset on the left side to the flat, then climbing a foot bridge to down into a campus, straight on another Hash Hold where a grandiose statue of Mr. Mao Zedong raises his right hand to summon the distance. The hashers photograph together by imitating his movement. Getting our skates on left and right to hit the second beer stop. The hare fetches out a speaker to play music.

As soon as the Wonderwall by Oasis comes out, the hashers ride on the same wavelength by swinging the bodies to its rhythm, such as Cum in My Brum, Heart On, COO, Piss& Chips, BH, AT and LITR.

Karate as walking hare marshals the walkers to meet up the runners at the designated localities. Crash Test Dummy stays backward including John The Baptist, Cums More Often, Just Sarah and virgins. The passion sparks off second wind to set out, ducks in a row, the sands of time, what towers over what, branching it out. Breakfast Included, Moral Fixation, Cock Chain, Spicy Penis and virgins move forward in silence. Dozens of girls and boys in same uniform and in phalanx before a luxury restaurant on the street side are listening to a manager’s lecture. Ross’s thing is that reflects on the unification pulling the plug on the diversification. In no case should the two distinct approaches be mixed up.

The circle is held at an enclosed open terrace in the park. Over 22 hashers push the boat out for the hashing in the picture hosted by proxy GM DH and RA HO. The latecumers BDSAmateur and Just Kelly flutter into the glorification. Hailing out these three hares again and again for their tacit gig. When push comes to shove, they knock hashers down with a feather. Cheesy Balls can sing some Hash songs along with Song Masters. BDSA accuses the hares of “rolling in” it. AT and RITR do roll in and out of the circle. BDSA then rolls back on the ground faster, and otherwise. The disco edition of Swing Low’s chorus commits ourselves to bring to the table with the concert pitch in the eye of the storm. About 15 hashers acquire a taste for the local food. The quality hashing is off the hook at the end of the day.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Monday,

October 08, 2018