7 human bodies in the energy field: living body, etheric body, rational body, emotional body, intuitive body, creative body and light body.

Thank goodness! It’s still a clear day in the winter. More or less 30 hashers limber up a regurgitating hashing in the vicinity of Hufangqiao, southern 2nd ring road. Danger Zone collects Hash Cash as usual. Slappy Seconds fulfills function as virgin deputy RA for 4 hares and trail. Karate as a walking hare is anxious about picking up a semi-virgin who gets off a wrong subway station. The runners lunge at the southern streets into a block of hutongs where a pack of pipe fitters dig up the ground for pipeline maintenance habitually. A line-up hashers zip through the brown soil to the end of this alleyway and on right to shave past the back trail and cross the busy intersection to head to Qianmen hutong blocks along the street. And shortly hitting the 1st Beer Stop at a little junction in the hutongs.

An old woman at a small shop supplies a big case of beer at normal temperature. Whatsoever the hares and the hashers told and tell her that the hashers need to drink cold beer. She obdurately rebuts like other old locals, “it’s winter, drinking cold beer is not good for your health!” beyond endurance, it’s really something called preconception and shaped for a looong time. It makes the people screwed their brains and lost ability to accept any new things for life. When Pickle Boy speaks in English to Just Chen, Just Patrick points out Chinese people talk in English language each other. PB explains any language is but a tool. Too much people with prejudice regard languages as symbolic meanings, in particular parochial or greedy losers stopping folks from prioritizing better tools for better life. Just Dumb takes care of some laggards like Just Niuniu, Not Tonight and virgins. Bruised Lee comes late to bob up. Cum in My Brum seems to go nowhere as another hare.

Just Will like pteropod scuds before the others. The more familiar place, the less marked trail. Soon the hare calls back to another hutongs as the hashers are being mazed and mavericked. Once reaching the small fork, the 2nd BS meets the eyes of hashers. The locals rubberneck the hashers’ talking and drinking in threes and fours, such as Little Red Shit Hood, Principal Penetration, Just Christina and virgins. Wandering Tongue, Finger My Dough, Sausage Party pose for funny pictures. Breakfast Included crunches her ice cream at each BS. Crash Test Dummy looks around solely as if he’s into sudden-onset amnesia in this area where he hashed many times aforetime. A mish-mash of hutongs all but hamstrings nerve impulse. The minute paying no attention, bumping into ulterior zone of the trail close to Tiananmen square. Auto-correction capability guides the hashers to go back to the hutongs anew. Checking into the laneways to arrive the 3rd BS. The hare Oracle Boner interprets a time-dependent introduction on the wall apropos of local hutongs. Out of the very hutongs, the hashers loop back to restaurant in no time. The app meters out almost 6 km.

The circle is sited to a clearing next to subway station. 2 cartons of Taste Room sponsors the circle ritual. GM Blister Fister greets 6 virgins with little floppy cock and the Beijing Hash Song by all hashers, then awards a plastic mug and run patch to Just Steven, who goggles at the cold-beer-logged patch on his forehead, as WT also scores a wet run patch to stick on her forehead, she strains her eyes to skew at it. RA SS sums up several anecdotes in the trail. The Hash songs sounds like a lack of heart-stirring vibe. JD exclaims where Dry Hole is?! Thanks to BI, she reminds the entry lyrics and tunes in time. Some non-mismanagement hashers who are called in fancy to wear their hats in the circle. Some old hashers insist on pulling off their hats as a rule. More’s the pity, while Rambo No.5 got late, he completely lost his way from the 1st BS through the 2nd BS to the 3rd BS until he had to give up on the hashing and went home alone. Around 15 hashers eat a Xinjiang food in an exotic atmosphere.

On the same day, our likable hashers Lick It To Ride and Ass Tonguer are holding their wedding ceremony in Newquay. A team of core hashers attend their sweet wedding. May the newlyweds set “Beer Stops” in their coupled journey for wonder between sweat and enjoyment. Congratulations!

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Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
November 20, 2017