Innovate onwards.

Oyez, there seems to hear a sizzle in the air being baked by the steaming hotness. Although nary a virgin shows up, GM Blister Fister, RA Six Kuai Short as well as 3 hares RoadKill, ChickenShit and Melon Drama juice up over 20 hashing boffins. Then about 15 runners bridge over a skywalk on eastern 3rd ring road. Molotov Cock as latecummer overtakes the others in silence to search for an Open Check mark together with Dry Hole, Sink & Destroy, Just Ben and so on. Skeltering through alleys and streets. A group of walkers surface aweigh on the running trail such as Bjorn Again, Crash Test Dummy, Karate, Cockarazzi, MargariCunt, Godzilla Butt with Charlie, No Shit Sherlock, Just Leon, etc directed by the walking hare MD. Crossing a crossing to see the first beer stop in surprise.

The hare CS sometimes leads the way in a confused zone, sometimes stays backward to take care the laggards. Rushing through Russian market and cavorting in Ritan park and stepping up to the pavilion based on grotesque rockwork on the zenith of a hill for a Hash Hold. S&D gets used to ride on an intimate rimrock that summons up her good memory in the past. Shaven Not Stirred jaws away the heat. Another team of runners then move to another Hash Hold at the southern gate of Ritan park, aka the gate of Maggie’s, such as Agent Orgy, Wandering Tongue, Finger My Dough, Drill Me, Sperm Maid, etc by another hare RK. Zigzagging through the hutongs and digs quarter and going over an intersection with a stream of traffic into a tiny and busy hutong for the second beer stop. Prelubed as latecomer turns up. The cold beer relaxes all hashers and the hare MD buys watermelon to treat hashers as well. The hare CS sits on a stool to nibble off a slice of watermelon looking like a bit collapse. When the walkers first hit the road, 3 runners like Hot Cockalate, Mind The Gap and Just Ana who lost the way finally rout out the right track and hashers. MC jumps over a bicycle like a cork and DH as well as S&D rocket off at the fore to bash up the hustling trail until they disappear far ahead. Some laggards then follow the intuition to run into the eastern gate of Tuanjiehu park and pass through the familiar scenery to out of the western gate and northerly loop back to restaurant. AO treats hashers with a kettle of dulcet cocktail made by coconut, pineapple and rum. Algae Bra and Chewancca spring up for the latest comers. The circle jubilation is sited at a little far sod of a green belt.

2 cartons of sponsor cold beer Taste Room and 2 small cases of cold Yanjing beer please the hashers.

GM BF and RA SKS in turns hosts a performance. These 3 hares are yelled out times out of number. The hare RK wins a run patch. AB gains a little yellow cock. The hare MD’s arm is sheathed in an Arm Cast for high-level drink and sputtering beer on her face amuses the hashers. All of a sudden AO tugs down the hare CS’s knickers to bare underline. CS is sensitive to cover his private part with his hands in short order. It immediately blasts the spot with a vestige of the thoughts. AO has an Arm Cast drink for sure and beer foam spills her mouth. S&D and AO are impassioned to belt out Hash songs in rhythm. MC settles himself on the ground to watch the roistering debonair moment. DH as mannequin is put on Nash Hash’s haberdashery to showcase around. BF leads a chorus of Swing Low to wrap up this Elysium with all and singular. The half of hashers gormandize a tuck-in at a decent room. After that, a squad of lady hashers slither to Paddy’s to scrape against lampion burgeoning in flowers of flame with lushing self-guerdon, quite agog.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 01, 2017