Nanorobot design. Thrombin is represented in pink and nucleolin in blue. The nanorobots are injected intravenously into nude mice with human breast cancer tumors. The robots grabbed onto vascular cells at tumor sites and caused extensive blood clots in the tumors’ vessels within 48 hours, but did not cause clotting elsewhere in the animals’ bodies, which resulted in smaller tumors and a better chance for survival.

Nearly 35 hashers wear doggy adornments to rush out of HHH kennel after acting GM Dazed & Confused and RA Slappy Seconds perform an opening ceremony. Finger My Dough first seeks out the sign on the stone in a lane. Danger Zone, Eager Beaver visiting BJH3, Blower Harder, ChickenShit, Crash Test Dummy, Sink and Destroy, Chewancca, Little John, etc spurt ahead and through a prolonged beeline to the main road. The hare Blister Fister vectors the direction in the clutch. Another hare Breakfast Included as a sweeper hare takes care of the rear of the hashing line-up. Skeltering up the foot bridge and down to a treelawn. Peak green recounts breath of spring. The telltale marks are the placebo effect but a tad underwhelming. Pickle Boy gets lost 3 times and finally catches up with a few hashers as the runners arrive the first beer stop at a mini-supermarket. EB metes out more than 4 km. The hare BF smartly picks big cans of German beer, 5 kuai per can that’s similar to the inflated Yanjing bottle beer and he also prepared a bottle of Aussie wine to share with hashers. Cum in My Brum, Minaj A Trois, Just Krista and BH form a small circle to chat. Doesn’t Fit, Snake Cunter and Just Niuniu laugh around. PB treats hashers with crackers. The runners have to move forward after waiting for the walkers guided by the walking hare Karate for 15 min.

Beetling along with the avenue and crossing the crossing to the entrance of Longtanhu park (Dragon Pool park). Everywhere red decoration and red lanterns show the Spring Festival folds the celebration into the end. 2 kuai for ticket per person. Spreading in leaps and bounds for the Open Check for a while and nobody can see any sign, though. By the run, the hare BF zooms in front and his back right shoulder trots out a big Hash mark. It means the hashers have to follow the mobile sign from his body for the whole trail in the park. As striding over a pavilion bridge, all runners click group picture for Hash Hold. The iced lake is melting away. Along the track, shortly the hashers file out of the park. An Open Check sign leads the hashers up to far north through 2 intersections and on left for a spell and on right to cross the street into a neighborhood unit. All hashers are losing the way without the sign after eyeing a Beer Near sign. Minutes later, the hares BF locates a small shop for the second beer stop and handpicks big cans of German and Danish beers, 5 kuai per can. And a group of walkers reach as well. FMD treats hashers with snacks. A lull in drinking and talking lasts 10 min. Raging with no marks through the streets, train tunnel and business zone until running into a big word of HOME on the ground. On right to return to Hash Harrier House Kennel.

The circle takes place at a broad passage being surrounded by modern high rises. GM Shanghai Man and Ezy Rider spring out as latecumers. Acting GM D&C and RA SS moderate the performance. Yipe! 4 virgins missed one person. Principal Penetration is pulled in as a substitute. Of course. Standing back to back to accept a greeting with a floppy cock and Beijing Hash song by hashers. MAT wins #10 patch and beer mug, CS for #50 patch and beer mug as well as BI’s glory for #400 patch and an apron with her Hash name and #400 runs, plus a pattern of Beer Bitch. Merriment and cheers soar into air. GM SHM checks his phone in a hurry for each situational Hash song. Cock Chain holds a bag of cake from his hometown Shanxi to treat hashers. All of a sudden, an elder local woman in a decent coat squeezes in the circle to ask a cake and a cup of Hash beer. She says she’s over eighty and with hale and hearty fashion to spectate the circle for a little while. Rambo Number Five seems to find a feeling of RA and “accuses” some hashers in series that spices up the spot. The circle has turned into gamification. The upshot is that RA SS precents a chorus of Swing Low with all zingers. Many then tuck in a yummy food. The hashing vegs out. Woof! Woof!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
February 27, 2018