Remote control cockroaches help search for earthquake survivors, but they cannot survive the society’s earthquake.

Charlie has to smartly crawl into underneath the car for a cool a few times and all temporary shades on the ground also can burn skin. The dog days show off its majesty of burning power. Finger My Dough with the help of Wandering Tongue collects Hash Cash. There is an amazing scene that almost 20 virgins partake the hashing, about a half of hashers in total. GM Blister Fister and RA Heart On worth their salt to perform a kick-ass launch with 3 hares No Shit Sherlock, Mind The Gap and Just Leon. Perhaps many times in Wudaokou area for hashing before, the hashing lineup shortly work on the right track via 2 crossings and merge into an unimpressive campus. Perhaps a profusion of vegetation or knowledgeable relish immediately get rid of the depression of the heat wave. After a long length of course, hitting the first beer stop at a mini-supermarket, only for around 20 runners. Many only drink water like Shaven Not Stirred, Teddy Secret, Snake Cunter, Just Tyre, virgins. Dry Hole explains BJH3 to virgins. The 2 running hares are obviously inexperienced, a vehement MTG neglects something and the virgin hare Just Leon pours the cold beer to hashers. The veteran hare NSS even leads the walkers with sundered beer stop. When starting the trail, Pussy Nibble and Ass Tonguer pick the bicycles to carve out the way.

On the marks front, the major hare MTG brings out her mind to ooze the gap with the hare’s due senses of direction and organization. As she lost the way, all runners have to surround her to wait for a way out and enter a race track to run a round of 400 meters. DH, Pickle Boy, Just Ana, Sausage Party, Prelubed, Just Sonny, virgins, etc. Perhaps some seek the trail by resorting to the map on the phone. The hashers move forward to wind through another campus. Suddenly some shout out the mark with excitement and the hashers storm onwards. DH is the first to spot the second beer stop. A teen girl as a virgin is close behind DH. Transylvestite reads his phone alone. But these 2 hares have a long time to show up and reveal the second beer stop still is separated from the walkers and the runners and the walkers are set to get together at the third beer stop. Sip and talk relax the runners for a while and brattle for the next. Along the street and marching into another campus and essaying to scoop out the narrow shady alleyway and recondite bossdom. At an obscure supermarket, reaching the third beer stop with nearly double price for tepid beer, and then the hares confirm the walkers still cannot arrive this third beer stop. Having a break and then going back to restaurant and the marks guide the other race track and some give it a try. The last part is what the runners’s intuition severally makes sense because most runners cannot eye the mark anymore, luckily recognize this zone. Later on, the runners meet up the walkers at the finishing point like Karate, Cockarazzi, Bjorn Again, Crash Test Dummy, Lick It To Ride with Ponyo, and a bunch of virgins. Six Kuai Short and Godzilla Butt leave early.

The circle takes place at an open parking lot like before. GM BF and RA HO in turn moderates the exhilarative time. First off, welcoming these brave virgins with gifting a little floppy cock as token respectively and The Beijing Hash Song by all hashers. Certainly SUCH COMBINATION of these 3 hares must be hailed out to drink for their SHITTY TRAIL! Accompanied with the Shitty Trail song reverberating in the air. And again, these shitty 3 hares are called in to drink a Cock of Shame by turns. While the “accusations” goes on, all but for these 3 hares. Hot Cockalate clicks the Hash photos. Finally RA HO hosts a naming ceremony for Just Leon. And a round of brief nomination, Doctor Shocker is changing the destiny of his life, a young man from South China who have seen something in his life. More than 15 hashers eat a yummy local food in a private rooms. After the dinner, the hare NSS with the help of PB go to return the cases of empty bottles to the small shop, although with having a buzz on, believing the Grape of Wrath is more for everyone in reality, somehow NSS is quarreling with the old man as the owner of the small shop and then pushing each other. PB quickly steps forward stopping them from entanglement with cacophony of mutual abuse, and then a squad of middle-age guys outside are playing mahjong, a guy rushes forward at the NSS and grabs his neck with yelling words, PB soon stops this guy and lets the NSS calm down. Somehow PB’s finger scratches a debris of bottle and bleeding and takes a spill to bleed his knee, too. In any case, the best thing is that the both sides do not fight each other. PB and NSS walk away to home and NSS takes easy bit by bit. When PB alone frustrates to go home without bus and phone out of power, it takes a long time to get home and he is irritated by the long-term fighting situation at home from a tragedy 7 years ago……

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 08, 2017