Reason is also limited, because it cannot get ride of absolute obsession, otherwise it is immersed in the worship of power and money all the same. So the divinity is still effective, leading the human mind to eternity.

The local emissions account for 2/3 of main sources in Beijing this year. The diesel vehicles driving in Beijing reach 45% as the biggest contribution. About 30 hashers gather the running site in Dongsi liutiao area along with 250 PM2.5. Danger Zone works on Hash Cash precisely. New co-GM Dazed & Confused shouts for a start circle. RA Heart On skillfully blesses the trail and 3 hares, say, the visiting Agent Orgy, Sink & Destroy and Pussy Nibble. The Dongsi liutiao area is too much impressive to our well-beloved AO. After the Hash #1834 for AO’s FOYW run on December 25, 2017, she’s haring the hashers through it again with the H mark stepping on 2 balls, some looking like 2 tits. The intimate scenes like hutongs, streets, overpass, digs quarter, street and foot bridge to the first beer stop that stands on all fours with the one on her FOYW’s trail. The walkers arrive beforehand like Super Sqirter, Bjorn Again, Wandering Tongue, Hot Cockalate, Just Chris cleaning the dogshit on the trail, Shaven Not Stirred, Rambo No.5, Red Snatcher, Not Tonight, etc. Just Jake as latecumer rides a bike to squash in the hashing group. The hashers rejoice with sip and talk.

Hunting high and low for the signs, hold on! Not only for signs, but also for the sweet memories in the past, as if completing grasp of the secret of magnificent time and soon hitting a giant water wheel landscape as Hash Hold for big group picture. Forward echelon take the lead such as Crash Test Dummy, visiting Pedalphile, Dry Hole, Molotov Cock, Pickle Boy, ChickenShit, Principal Penetration, Chewancca, Kiddiepoo, No Shit Sherlock, Dr.Shocker, Just Steve and so on. Through broad avenue, Ghost Street, Blue Mushrooms statues in the mini-park and the pool is irrigated with water surrounding with greenery abloom, unlike in the winter, the lake was dry. The runners click group photo. Straining every nerve to rush out of the park and crossing the street into another hutongs block to meet up the second beer stop at a grocery in tiny hutong. Little Red Shit Hood and the hare PN alternate at holding a professional camera to photograph the hashers. Breakfast Included crunches the second popsickle. The crowded hashers are imbued with comity of nations. Deserting one’s colors to dash home-ward in the snaky hutongs. The hare S&D knocks about nook and cranny for an open space for a circle until finding out a detached clearing next to semi-construction site in the hutongs.

GM D&C and RA Slappy Seconds in turns host a cracking show. Although there is only 1 virgin left out of 2 virgins, a welcome ceremony is still in progress. A bender is lit up with the service of Beer Bitch Bearded Clam and Tit for Tap from semper eadem to semper paratus. AutoBlow and TfT volunteer to wield the slappers for maintaining order. These 3 hares are hailed in back and forth for an inebriation. Duh Spot’s new shoes are eyed apparently and for sure proceeding a new shoe’s drink under the prodding of the Hash song of Suck Swallow. But 007 changes his new shoes into a pair of plastic bags to wrap up his feet. Likewise, RA SS fetches out another plastic bag to pour into beer for 007’s drink, however he pays homage to the sky by tossing up away. DH as Song Master belts out a cascade of Hash songs for strain of hymn. RA SS calls Just Jake for his naming all on a sudden. What’s unexpected is several rounds of nominations do not pass through by other ambivalent hashers. And the hashers rush in and sing the Hash song of Lost Control twice. A longest naming ever! And still no name for him. What a man! MC reveals, “so we didn’t name Just Jake. We should continuously pull him in circle and then tell him no, next week! For at least a few week!” The upshot is the choruses of Swing Low by RA SS with the hashers stretch out a self-effacing charm. 20 hashers tuck in a delicate Yunan food in an upscale and private room and DH brings in a drink game as well as AO and LSRH presenting a talk show, then the most head to the nearby Three Little Pigs bar debuted by Pretty Woman. A small and cute space entertains the hashers till midnight. The hare S&D eventually muffles CS’s face with layers of white bumf. Only he might have seen the coat of the soul.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
May 14, 2018