When the eyes move, the eardrums move, too

On January 27th, Saturday, all day long, the new GMs Pussy Nibble and Finger My Dough hold power for the first Boxer Hash of 2018 as #167 Boxer route along with Silver Mountain hared by FMD, Cum in My Brum and Just Christie. More than 20 hashers’ enthusiasm in nature stands up to Jack Frost. And Just Christie attains her Hash Handle known for Minaj A Trois.

The following day, Sunday afternoon, at Hash bar Paddy’s, 3 hares put on a fashion show of Zoolander, such as Beer Wolf in a quality billycock and dressing a fancy business suit, MargriCunt in a flossy scarf and carrying an ornamental white puppy with a pair of dazzling sunglasses, Chewancca garlanding a color and tufty scarf. The hashers then mask the half-face by turning on the turtlenecks of their sweaters like RoadKill and Drill Me. Also Breakfast Included wrapping a colorful shawl over her hair, Godzilla Butt in a downy bonnet, the latecumer Super Squirter attiring a furry carcoat and headgear with earmuffs. Just Daniel dons less to demonstrate his beefy shape. Hashers’ breathes still hang in the air and the sky is woaded.

The cockhatted Dazed & Confused takes over GM in the interim to direct the hashers’ Zoolander plot circled by nearly 40 hashers next to the Paddy’s although Cockrarazzi, Bruised Lee, Crash Test Dummy exit ahead of time. Welcoming 6 virgins as per process. Smoking out 4 latecumers, plus CumShot showing up around the close as well as a bunch of long-time-no-see. RA Six Kuai Short hosts a trait of “accusation”. Pickle Boy jumps out to send Chewancca a guitar with one hope, “your music plays out more and more democratic tune.” Charlie draping a blue blanket on a bench watches the judder with crunching his snack. Under the cope of night, GM D&C shouts out in the end, “On food!” Many a hashers enjoy the buffet Indian dinner at Ganges. Pussy Nibble, Molotov Cock, AutoBlow and so forth catch up for the sumptuous food.

The difference of Zoolander trail is that the two of three beer stops were arranged at the bars with cordial feeling. The BS2 is another Hash bar XL, the little bottles of Qingdao serve the hashers and every hasher gets a hot shot; the BS3 is impressive Home Plate bar where every hasher drinks a draft beer and most of hashers rally spirit on a stage for Hash group photos; the BS1 was set on a tiny junction for a mobile stop. The route covers Dongzhimen area, Embassy zone and Sanlitun bar streets. The runners smash our way into the indoor stop by racing through streets and alleys. The paces goad the air into rank and fashion from the nonchalance of the squashy public. The gallopers plow into indweller taken shape by Dry Hole, Bearded Clam, Lost in Marks & Spencer, Blow Harder, Just Dumb, Just Diego, Bitch Bandit, Minaj ATrois, Cum in My Brum, virgins, etc. Just Jourdan screams to halt and bends down for a break, and then goes on jogging onward. The hares re-mark the trail between whiles. A group of walkers have vicarious satisfaction from which Rambo Number Five, Tit for Tap, virgins, etc cackle at.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
January 30, 2018


After 152 years, on January 31st,2018, the moon, the Earth and the Sun is in a straight line. The moon is completely into the Earth’s umbra and begins to become the moon eclipse phase, usually called “blood moon”.

The Super Blue Blood Onesie – Warmer Animal Run

The maiden Full Moon Hash of 2018 is officially launches by new FM GM goldilocks Ass Tonguer with 20 hashers whom disguise as diverse animals like elephant, bear, panda, giraffe, leopard, dinosaur, unicorn, alligator, etc. Dry Hole whizzes for the first haring at the speed of light 186,000 miles per second into the universe. The hashers click group photos and then zip into the sky past Mercury’s orbit and Venus’s orbit, spending 8 minutes 19 seconds on spanning 93 million miles between the Earth and the Sun, through Mars, into huge gas to see Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, afterwards 5 hours 31 minutes beyond Pluto and its moon. The hashers have taken more than 3.5 billion miles and all got lost and the most went back to HH house. Thanks to the WeChat the hare DH sent a pin for a road map.

10 minutes later, the hashers arrive at the 1st beer station in succession. 4 walkers earlier show up like Super Squierter, Just Wenhui and virgin, Rambo No.5 jogs for a little while. Dazed & Confused holds his camera with tripod is focused on snapping “blood moon”. The explorers like Pickle Boy, ChickenShit, Slappy Seconds, Blow Harder, Dickmocracy, Just Daniel, Cum in My Brum, Roger Rabbit and so forth catch up one by one. Just Jourdan, Just Christie, Beer Wolf and Minaj A Trois sing and dance fingerpopping song called Baby Shark. Hot Cockolate laggardly forks out the beer as Hash Cash. 007 volunteers for the second haring. 5 years later, reaching α Sagittarius and have hashed 25 trillion miles. As it’s 10 light years from the Sun, looking back the solar system like a clump of mud. 100 light years later, the gas patterns and nebulae in the Galactic tributaries are full of our vision. At the time of 1,000 light years, the boundary between tributaries and saucers of the Milky Way is obvious. Scudding onward for 100,000 light years to recognize the spiral shape of the Milky Way. It’s now seen that every light point is no longer an independent planet, but a galaxy of billions of stars. After about 5 million light years, circa 30 galaxies can be seen in the Milky Way known as Local Cluster. 50 million light years later, the hashers visit the Virgo nebula of more than 2,000 galaxies. Keeping forward and overshooting one galaxy after another with massive structures. 1 billion light years, 5 billion light years till 10 billion light years, having sight of a variety of chain and linear structures, there are a total of millions of galaxies distributed in the universe, spaced by gigantic empty space areas. Soon the hashers spot the 2nd beer station where it’s strange land. 007 blows a white rubber glove to tuck in his cloth that shapes a round potbelly and being alight with a headlight, as if he’s pregnant with a baby moon.

BW picks a bottle of flour to hare the final stretch. The first part crosses the trail and then is laid to be high and low, dark and bright, quiet and noisy, wide and narrow to loop back to the HH house from the 12th dimensional space to the 3rd dimensional space. When some of hashers make out the area, cutting corners. The circle takes place at a detached gazebo in a swath of treelawn. FM GM AT and RA SS in course presides over a celebration. GM AT supplies a thermos of hot chocolate and whisky. Ponyo and Amy exult in. The hashers fill with jubilation. DH skillfully performs with fair-sounding Hash songs and with rich feelings as simon-pure SongMaster, in tandem with the cadenza of hashers setting off a gaudy night with sap of life. The upshot is that GM AT leads crew to howl over not only a gibbous reddish moon in such a clear air, but also the vastness of the universe. The 12 hashers scoff up an opulent Beijing hotpot to midnight.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Friday,
February 02, 2018