Triathlon Hash Trash


Mentalizing–interpreting human behavior in terms of intentional mental states such as needs, desires or purposes–has a positive association with belief. Religion has no place telling us about the physical structure of the world, that’s the business of science. Science should inform our ethical reasoning, but it cannot determine what is ethical or tell us how we should construct meaning and purpose in our lives.

More than 10 BJ hashers including GMs, RA and so on headed to Bali to take part in Interhash during May 19-22, 2016. Assertedly there are about 6,000 hashers from all over the world to participate the very grand occasion yonder.

The Blue Moon Run #98

May 20, Friday night, the crisp air and busy nocturne exhilarate somatosensory cortices of over 15 hashers in a sinuous hutongs to start to chase Muschi Riot as the first hare after PedalPhile finishes to collect Hash cash. The cadent flour marks usher hashers to Houhai bar streets and an Open Check mark makes hashers to thrash our way through a detour to an original path that many have to enmesh a shortcut. Even though Tight Quim lags behind, he is still hard-bitten to trot his tempo and has gasped for breath on a gradient alleyway and at a left turning, hashers hit the first beer stop at a canteen for a 10 min of break by sipping and chatting. Crash Test Dummy grips on a half blue cup of beer to stand out of colony of hashers; only Karate is walker and is chucked off far away, PP drops a pin on WeChat for him and all have a group photo by Heart On and Little Red Shit Hood who’s vanished for around 3 years and moving forward after Six Kuai Short scats for the second hare for 5 minutes.

In the middle of trail of hutongs, a mark of Open Check almost breaks down hashers because hashers like Dry Hole, Pickle Boy, Henry Crack, Just the Tip, etc sweep back and forth several lanes for nothing and finds that at any turnings, there are not mark to be placed, instead hidden at a dark corner and as with researching Antikythera Mechanism to have a long way to go until running across a mark close to home restaurant, yet the arrow of flour linear mark does not point a direction that lets hashers check for a prolonged time as if going over the acts of ionization potential and election affinity and tilting awhirl. At long last, DH shouts out, “Beer Stop!” opposite the noisy street. Many sweat like a pig. Surprisingly Rambo Number Five still keeps running; Just Maria poses active aura; CTD observes a small junction where there’s a futile foot bridge that’s never being used because the people can cross the street directly; No Shit Sherlock nips away for the third hare. In fact, many knew the home restaurant just nears. Thought NSS just goes around one or two block to return to home. However groping after prospective trail for a spell, just routing out a mark and then zero can be found or he would got lost as well? And having to run back by the light of nature soon and meeting the very third hare at restaurant, perhaps he as a virgin hare does not know well about the basic rule of marks – the interval between two marks is 100-150 meters. DH rushes away to locate a circle site nearby and shortly confirms one lakeside clearing; MR takes out a big bottle of Russian beer to treat hashers.

PP as usual puts a pair of white sock into his hands to accept FM GM helmet as a co-GM of Full Moon and drinks up a helmet of beer and hosts a cantabile show according to Hash process for three virgins, in between, he fetches out three bottles of American beer to award three hares and surely share others, too; SKS’s pants are hauled down; Just Greg is called in for getting in RA of Full Moon and he leads hashers for a pray that the rhythm matching with prayer touched up by himself is little short of a jazz rap, solemn and witty. Likewise, he pulls out DH to jointly chant another Hash song that, with night view of glittering surface of tranquil lake, is wafting hashers into a remote vista; two virgins have been up in the air, one called Modus identifies herself with hashers earlier; another called Just Jane with her drawling and quavering tone, plus variant beers thrusting herself into a dancing machine and bitch slapper to police hashers for a realpolitik, what have you. Turns out GM brings hashers to howl over a bright two-third moon (it won’t likely be blue. After forest fires or volcanic eruptions, Earth’s satellite can appear to take on a bluish or even lavender hue. Soot and ash particles, deposited high in the Earth’s atmosphere, can sometimes make the moon appear bluish). Most taste an Uygur hearty dinner. 007 and Mind the Gap catch up for a late food. It strikes on that Hash exactly provides a space to dip into one’s personality. The more individuation, the more finding a home as a hasher.

The Unchartered Boxer Run #148

May 21, all day long, sunny Saturday, on the order of forty hard-core hashers experience a 16 km journey hared by Molotov Cock, AutoBlow (virgin Boxer hare) and Nut Pirate in a sea of greenery and lakefront in a beautiful day, situated 100 km away from Beijing, until appreciating a love story between a tantalizing Full Moon and serene lake surface. An important thing is a hasher to attain her Hash Handle dubbed Ass Tonguer surrounded and blessed by passionate hashers and celebration lasts up to midnight at XL bar after coming back downtown. The bittersweet is AT who, after she buys rounds of shots, is as high as a kite to fall down and scratches her face on the ground. And at the bar, she lost her a professional camera and Just Greg lost his phone. From time to time, to get a life does not need to cost a lot. Keeping sharp could be a point anywhere and anytime.

The Ragged Cloth Hash #1752

May 22, a clear Sunday arvo, only two hashers dress up to the standard of ragged topic, such as Just the Tip who’s a running hare and FOYW as well as Pekinsky Binkinsky; Rambo Number Five wears a T-shirt printed 2006 Bali Interhash; Dark Shaft has to be Hash Cash in the absence of three Hash Cashes; 2 Stones 2 Many is hare putting on a jacket for protecting his Irish blood against sunray and another hare is What the Fluff; Just Ian is still not accustomed to yell out On On as he meets the first mark out of hashers whom are ferreting about a sign; Just Dangdang’s attire is changing from slime skirt to long pants, but not sportwear yet as she has started to jog; Muschi Riot, Receding Down Under, Lost in Marks & Spencer and Pickle Boy alternately remains ahead to hunt in the trail. The marks for Three-Way and Two-Way are bestrewn in streets and alleys, coupled with teensy marks hanging on the walls and self-initiated marks. At times the hare JtT has to lead the way for hashers; Crash Test Dummy possesses more eagle eyes tellingly to dig out the tricky marks and takes the lead for a distance till the first beer stop is spotted by him alone, where a length of green belt covered that only one small shop. Nearly half-and-half runners and walkers arrive there at the same time. Bjorn Again holds a big can of different brand beer to drink all the way.

The voice-activated interlude feels in the pink with hashing will in beer in such the context. Just Judy introduces her friend called Just Nancy working for HR. The surest route is to make tracks to more tinier hutongs: Aye aye! Little Red Shit Hood sighs he loves to run in the hutongs of Beijing. Fortunately the recreational local old ladies watch the whooshing hashers and repeat, “they are runners. They are good people.”

The second beer stop in an alley receives runners and walkers for 10 bottles of cold beers for 10 minutes. With post-beer epiphany, cranking up the pace of hashers and entering a digs area to seek for the elusive marks. Out of hutongs compounds, sticking around a huge overpass for a short time and MR rips up a way to stride it over and crossing the street to reach the third beer stop. It’s small time to space out to jig with a joystick. Hard to Live with looks up a building for awhile; Bapak from Singapore explains his Hash name in Malaysian language means pimp; Some source ice-cream to replace beer like Breakfast Included, Just Mary, Just Sonny and so forth. With tipsiness and fatigue, everybody turns into more rapport. GM gives an order to open check; No Shit Sherlock takes over Godzilla Butt to backpack Charlie along the way; cutting through an ancient cultural walking street and once being aware of a direction to home along the main street, forgetting the marks to run straight back to restaurant. Two latecomers sitting there look like waiting for a while like Piss & Bitch and Super Squirter. A bunch of hashers help hare carry 6 small cases of cold beer to the circle spot on a passageway obscured by a dense tree belt.

GM SKS officiates at a performance of over thirty hashers and wonders at so many beer for hashers. Six virgins are greeted with Hash song and little gift. Five hashers join a hashing triathlon for all-round winners, such as SKS, MR, Tight Quim, JtT and Karate; Colonized This scores her #10 running patch and a blue cup; Mind the Gap swings a bitch slapper to cut off the hullabaloo; Just Lee attempts to “accuse” RDU; Nut Pirate just watches in silence and does not drink beer either; RA LiM&S plays the part and otherwise. 21 hashers eat local yummy homely dishes. Some local customers jib at the pet inside restaurant to complain about hashers. When the manager wanna yell at JtT but sees a handful hashers around, he immediately changes a smiling face to tell JtT what the goings-on is. Malty NSS posts 4 times of hashers’ s pictures onto hashers group in WeChat that seems to show an endless hashing. Purpose by definition excludes the purposeless; purposelessness does not exclude purpose.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
May 24, 2016