A police van joined the hash. I thought they were for criminals. Phantom said :” let’s slip away! ” Instantly the circle was like flash mob, “gone!” Some hashers were being questioning by police as they were walking away. They had a pretty good excuse, “We are from embassy!”

The whole story started from the Uncharted City Run. It was a cloudy day like London weather, unpredictable. The Beijing Marathon was also happening on this day. One of our family members ran a 3:30 ( applause for Sink & destroy). In the beginning hashers were searching around like mad, running everywhere One group of people were so fast that they ran directly to the first beer stop and missed 1/3 trail. I felt bad for them. Another group, lead by Splashy Pants, discovered first treasure spot. Just Marco, a wise and brave man climbed up rock face and got the treasure. That was a quick, exciting moment! That was not even the best part. After he found it, Just Marco started shouting ” Oh shit”! It was loud enough txt , even though I was far away, I could still hear him. It sounded like somebody stepped on real shit ,and couldn’t get rid of it. When we arrived first beer stop, the group who skipped the treasure spot seemed a little bit bored, so I ordered more beer, ha, problem all solved.

On on! As hashers saw a two-way mark on the wall of women’s room, they were attacked by the strong smell, but still enjoyed the alley. Second treasure spots were inside a fountain surrounded by European style pillars. While hashers were looking for treasures, I noticed Ponyo (AssTonguer’s puppy) was in Phantom Menace’s baby carriage. The park had a strict no-dog policy, which is why Ponyo was pretending to be a child in the carriage. It is always nice to see people help each other out. “It is inside the water! ” Just Marco shouted. He took off his top and dipped his head into water. If somebody want to make a friend with you, he will trick you! With a little push by Splashy Pants, Just Marco got a new friend. Splash! He fell into fountain.

Around 100 meters past the first fountain, Just Gülmire shouted it out loud, ”I saw it, it is in the man’s crotch.’’ She was right. There were three naked sculptures in the middle of a larger fountain. Nobody wanted to get wet. ”You already got wet, so you don’t mind to jump in again, do you?” Prelude convinced Just Marco. He was convinced. While he was getting into the fountain, Blister Fister jumped on the statue. “Holy shittt!” Just Marco quickly got out of water. Five minutes later, Blister Fister dug out all the treasures, as if he knocked out the prettiest girl in the world and basked in the glory on the top of statue. A local yelled at him ”come down! come down! …it’s too dangerous!” and nobody gave a shit. Then he took a lots of pics of Blister Fister and left. The third treasure spot looked like easier than other, actually it took a while to find treasures. Have you ever seen cocks picking worms from the garden garden? It looked just like what the hashers were doing. The digging hashers could be future farmers if they keep going. Runners unfortunately did not seek out all the treasures. One was still left near the modern ball towers until the walkers showed up and easily snatched it up. When we arrived second beer stop, the shop owner was sleeping and the shop was locked. Luckily, a backup beer stop was just next to the original one. The hashers, laughing, talking, and drinking – enjoyed their chill time.

The original beer shop owner was woke up by the cheerful noise. He opened his shop and found a bunch of assholes who didn’t buy beer from him. He stared at me with contempt then turned to the hashers with a with a ”get out of my face” look. After twenty minutes drinking, we got out of his face and ran to restaurant .

The Circle was quite wide and wasted , 6 块Short thought the building the power was cut off, however, the circle was full of happy energy. Every now and then, hashers said “hello” to our neighbors.

Karate’s story from the park
Security guard :”The park does not allow pets.”
Karate : “what?”
Security guard : “Are you Chinese ?”
Karate : “whatttt?”
Security guard: “Are you a foreigner?”
Karate : “what …?”

When the circle was about to finish, our late comers came. They were BlowJob, Sink & Destroy, and the local police.

Thanks to the hares for such a shitty trail.
The shitty trail designed by 6 块 Short
The theme came up by Smells Fishy
The artistic map were drew by Algebra
The hash trash by No Shit Sherlock

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