Gene-editing technology has successfully targeted cancer’s command centre, a type of fusion gene called MAN2A1-FER.

After 9-degree dust storm tyrannized Beijing for 3 days on end, Sunday afternoon as the hashing day starts a lucky and sunny day, in particular the hashing site being arranged at Tim’s Texas BBQ that’s a Hash bar and moved to the new location in Wangjing area. Approximately 50 hashers come along one after another to enjoy a good time. For sure, many show up earlier to hang out for a little while. Danger Zone as usual collects Hash Cash dutifully. GM Super Squirter shouts a circle up and prologue, the hare Transylvestite instructs the virgins about the marks, RA Six Kuai Short ablaze leads hashers to pray the trail and the 3 hares on their knees including Pekinsky Bikinsky and What The Fluff, then a whoop for Open Check launches a psychosomatic hashing for ad astra per aspera (conquering all obstacles to climb stars) in a modern architectural compounds. Just like Virgin Galactic taking the plunge for astro-engineering.

RoadKill like Mariner 4 locates the firstling mark and timely signals back to the others. Bellwethers such as Sink & Destroy, Mussels from Brussels, Just Joseph, Principal Penetration and so on slingshot to the main road and treelawn until jamming on brake for a prolonged red light at a crossing. The hare has to point to a diagonal direction for a hashing trail and Spacey poses a starting position and awaits a traffic police to say for GO, Filthy Habit yells out a breakthrough On On to carve out a way along the busy and massive streets. When turning into a community, Chippendale makes a false call for On On and murmurs he didn’t see any mark. An obscure stairway receives hashers to spiral up the 3 staircases and chug through a roofed and castiron passageway with nosings. Not far from the bottom stairs, the Beer Near and Open Check signs appear in sync. Bearded Clam smartly heads toward a byway for a gate because only outside is there an odds to find a shop. Right enough, an On On sign invigorates hashers to check farther and go back to rake out a solitary news kiosk opposite the street of the last sign. Phantom, Hard To Live With, Bjorn Again, Crash Test Dummy, Terracotta Whorrior, Sausage Party, Agent Orgy, Just Daina, Just Mona, etc sit on the curb to chew the fat. Phantom Menace shares his favorite chocolate popsickle with Taxi Mama. The hashers in small groups shoot the breeze like Karate and his virgins, All In, Hot Cockolate, Smells Fishy, Just Jacob, Just Jasmine and so forth. Charlie plays with Amy and the other new puppies.

Bumming along the street with unfinished beer. Suddenly Beer Wolf whizzes past by riding a sharing bicycle. Crossing the stream of traffic to a wood along with some flour marks and tunnels. Some lightly jog like Taxi Rider Her, Breakfast Included, Lost in Marks & Spencer, ChickenShit and virgins. Dazed & Confused weighs in the hashing out of blue as the hashers stride over an elongated flyover. A 2-Way mark takes more time to look around in a fiery sun. Finally running through another high-way street to an entrance of Wangjing park. Dry Hole and Just James are forbidden to enter with their dogs and then they have to skirt around it. This park is apparently a new public facilities, inside vast, green and neat. Soon reaching Hash Hold for picture time at a 3-meter high and boxy pavilion called Wangjing Terrace. The hashers step on it through stone steps 2 flanks but Wandering Tongue treading on the 3 large Chinese characters on the front wall up to the top. A board is erected to explain this terrace for the emperor Qian Long (1711-1799) who ever had a rest here and observed Beijing city, so this area was named Wangjing (Observing Beijing). Whatsoever it’s true or not, it’s important to set this structure in a science-oriented age for commemorating suuuuuch a top leader.

Rushing out of the grotty things to meet the Beer Near mark for nothing around and FH in a remote place ahead exclaims for On On in a rumbling and drawly tone as if it’s cracking the ground. The perplexed hashers run like split to the soul-searching call for the second beer stop at a lawn, and fallows the hashers to drink the cans of cold Yanjing beer. Creamy Lips mentions her FOYW home party on June 9th. Godzilla Butt chafes on her bunion by her duroplastic flip-flop. The sporty and ritzy high buildings surrounding under cyanine sky is predisposed to an unbridled ambition. When hitting the road, the totty proprioception bursts through SOHO Galaxy complex by leaps and bounds without physical impairment. In a twinkling, looping back to the jumping-off point as regular as clockwork, the hashers look like a mobile showpiece to clear through a bustling and hustling utility area. GM Blister Fister in leisure wear pops up as a latecomer.

A handy open space is sited a circled celebration. The in-service GM SS swings a slapper to host a performance. Welcoming 5 virgins per process for self-introduction and gift acceptance. Tantantalizer, DZ and BW win their running patch respectively. Pickle Boy with astonishment scores his #300 patch and glittery mug with his Hash Handle. Above #300 mug holders such as Phantom, DH and BI stand out to congratulate on him. Song Master DH and Songstresses AO and S&D sing paeans in high spirit one by one for the gleeful scene. Whilst Nut Pirate comes out to “accuse” of something, the leftover icy water in a cooler buckets down him for the cynics. RA SKS like verger officiates at Just Albert’s naming. A whirlwind nominations later on, Shifu Peepoo redounds him to see through a new world as he’s on his knee in the circle to be baptized by the beer blessing from the hashers. The Hasher Song breaks out in the air to convey DNA wave via double helix energy field by the hashers. Ultimately RA SKS guides the hashers to belt out the Swing Low in chorus and in vivid body language. The half pad the story with wonderful memory in eating a dulcet food in a familiar ambience.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing, Tuesday,
May 9, 2017